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Welcome! To get you started, let's look around what's in a Dokio hub.

Menu Bar

The menu bar remains at the top of the page on all pages in Dokio except the draft editor. The active menu item is underlined, so you always know where you are. To learn more about each item in the menu bar, see the links below.

What item shows on the menu is dependent on each user's access level set up. 'Admin' only appears for admin user, while Approvals will show for admins and non-admin users who have approval access levels.

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Explore sections of the menu

The Dashboard screen is what you will see when you successfully log into Dokio. Depending on your access, some sections may not be available. Wherever you are in the hub, you can always return here by clicking the  'Dashboard' button from the menu bar at the top of your screen.

View templates

From this set of links, you can jump straight into viewing a category of templates.

Your budget

Beneath the template quick links, you can view the balance of your budget (feature dependent). Each individual user is part of a larger user group, and every user group has a budget. Here, you can always see the funds you have available in your user group’s budget. (Some users or hubs do not use budgets; don't be alarmed if you don't see one on the screen.)

Recent drafts

Scroll down a bit further and you’ll see your recently-created drafts: these links allow you to return directly to any unfinished draft or to the Draft page via 'View all Drafts' link.

Within the draft tiles you can find relevant information about the draft – its thumbnail, title, draft ID, size and when it was last updated. There is also an action button (3 vertical dots) located on the top right for options to duplicate or delete a draft.

Recently added resources

This feature is great for Hubs that use Dokio to manage assets. it will display the latest assets that have been added to the Resources section that users have access to. This new feature will only display if the user has resources available to them.

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The Create page is where templates live and where every artwork starts as a draft. By choosing and clicking on a template you create a new draft that opens in the Editor page. There's also an option to search or go through the category tabs to find a template.

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Any artwork that is in progress and waiting to be completed is considered a draft and is automatically saved in here. 

If a completed artwork from a draft needs to go through an approval process it will be stored here under the  'Awaiting approval' tab. If an artwork is denied by an approver, the file will revert back as an editable draft and it will be placed in the 'In progress' section.

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A completed artwork is one that has been successfully prepared for download or submitted for production or distribution. The artwork is stored here for safe keeping. 

Besides creating a draft from a template, you can also create a new draft from a completed artwork. Read 'Create a new draft from completed artwork' for more details.

Depending on your access setup, you may be able to filter the list to include other user's completed artworks using the 'All' or 'Your team's items' filter.

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Resources are a central collection of materials that provide users with additional information and context when creating artworks. The Resources section is a repository of these things. This section can contain photographs, documents, how-to articles, logo files, urls, brand guidelines, or any files really, to share with users.

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Admin and non admin users who have approval access level will see this section in their menu. All pending approval requests from team members can be found here. Approvers are notified on the tab by the number of request(s) in waiting. Read 'Approving artwork' to find out more. 

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Contacts is a place to store your customer contact details so they can be easily assigned as recipients to emails you send from Dokio. Multiple contact lists can be created to help manage groups of contacts. A single contact list can be assigned to an email template for optional use at export. See Related Articles at the bottom of the page to get more information about creating, adding and editing a contact list.

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Admin users will have access to an additional set of unique tools to help them manage their hub. Go to the 'Admin user' page to learn more.

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For account detail information, a link to Dokio's Help Centre, switching accounts and logging out of Dokio will be found in the dropdown menu.

Switching account will only be available if you have multiple accounts set up in Dokio. It's ideal for users who manage multiple locations or centres.

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Editor page

Besides the Dashboard, the Editor page is where you'll spend most of your time in Dokio. 

Let's have a look around.


The left side of the page is the Editor panel. It's where contents of the draft can be added, edited or removed. 


The right side of the page is the Preview. After changing somethings from the editor panel, the preview will re-render and show the changes to your draft.


Here you can change the name of your draft at anytime. Give your document a meaningful title (i.e. not “Artwork 1, 2, 3...”). This will help you later when you have lots of similar-looking drafts or artworks.


You can change the view size on a PDF or Image artworks. See article 'Zoom functionality for PDF and Image artworks' for more details. While on email templates the zoom function will allow you to preview your draft from desktop to mobile views.


Dokio autosaves any changes you make to your draft. You will notice this when the indicator turns orange while on saving mode and then to green once it's finished. 


The export button is to finalise when you have finished all the necessary edits to your draft. This will change your editable draft into a completed artwork, ready for download, production or distribution.


If you're not ready to finalise your draft, the dedicated Exit button will take you back to the Drafts page where you can open a different draft or navigate around Dokio via the main menu. Because your draft is automatically saved, you can safely exit and return to it at any time.

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